Thursday, July 07, 2011

Celebrating the 4th of July at Manzanita Beach

It's been over twenty years since we started coming to Manzanita for the 4th of July.  For me, it's always been the best place to be, even though our little town swells to over 8,000 people, everyone seems happy to be celebrating something!  This year having more than two consecutive days of sunshine since last November was cause enough for celebration!
The parade always starts with the Color Guard carrying the flags.
And, some cool cars
Some ingenious costumes..
Happy spectators..Hi Jaimie!
Cute pets..
Boat Floats...
And colorful characters...
Cart'M, the local Recycle Center, always does something very creative.  This year it was a gramophone
made out of recycled materials.
Of course, Rick aways looks forward to a chance to bring out his grandfather's 1943 Willy's Jeep
Great friends, Mark and Barb, check out the scrapbooks from years past.  When our kids were younger, we put together many floats for the parade. Hopefully, 'The Kids' will circle back to the beach when they have families of their own.
You always have to have the feast!  Can't go wrong with the traditional favorites-BBQ Ribs, potato salad, baked beads, corn on the cob and brownies!

What 4th of July would be complete without fireworks?
I captured these images from a hilltop near the beach.

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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday! I wish I could get my dog to wear a hat like that!!


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