Thursday, August 04, 2011

From Chicken Coops to Opera

Last Saturday, I heard about the Tour De Coops in Vancouver, WA.  There were 15 coops for viewing, and it was about a 15 minute walk north of downtown.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for walking around town. 
These cute signs alerted everyone to the coop sites.  Lots of people rode their bikes from site to site.
Many people put in runs for their chickens, which are more like pets with benefits. The 'benefits' are the fresh eggs they provide to their owners and neighbors.  These hens are more likely to die of old age, than end up on a dinner table.
Neighbors get involved in helping to care for chickens when the owners go on
vacation.  It's a win win situation for everyone. 
Charming entry to one of the homes on tour.
A view from inside one of the coops.  Many were decorated with chicken memorabilia, which owners claimed the chickens favored.
This one, had a chicken run that led into the garden, where there were lots of very healthy, and well fertilized plants! 
One happy hen
Beautiful gardens and chickens seemed to go together
In case they get lost
More happy hens
This colorful Art Chicken was actually on the street.  DH had to get in the act.
The chickens are tucked in at night to protect them from predators.
I cut the Coop Tour short to head over to good friends, Steve and Trudie's for a night of Italian wine and opera.  What a lovely way to savor a warm summer night! 
They go to Italy a lot, and their garden definitely has a Mediterranean feel to it.
At intermission, Trudy served lovely desserts-Toffee bars, fresh peach and berry Angel food Cake, and Brownies.
Gotta love summer in Oregon!