Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dreaming of Key West

Well in Portland, it's rained the past 25 of the past 26 days of March, and we're on track for not only high rain totals, but low temps!  I've been wistfully looking back at out trip to Florida last month, and dreaming of Key West...although, come to think of it, it rained there too, although, fortunately not every day!
I love the Conch Style houses the make up most of Key West.  The are so unique and quaint in their Caribbean style.  I was surprised that most of the homes had metal roofs, and then I read about a big fire that destroyed many homes in the 1900's, causing wooded roofs to be outlawed.
The houses are so quaint.  I love the ceiling fans and porches that you find so often in the South.
And secret garden hideaways.  There's so little land, every inch of space is used
Oh, the flowers!
And quaint buildings.
and colorful,fun shops!
A lovely view to beat the winter blues!