Friday, April 05, 2013

Visiting Yakima in April

Yakima, WA is one of those hidden gems in the Pacific NW.  It's surrounded by hops, wineries, and apple trees, cherry trees, little farms, and mountain ridges.  We like to come visit once a year to try the new wine releases and escape the rain in Portland.

In the city itself, there's several wonderful B and B's and restaurants.  We took a break to celebrate my April birthday and do a little wine tasting.  Spring was definitely in evidence with the apple and cherry trees in full bloom. As we left town, it was raining buckets, but once we hit Hood River, about an hour east, the skies cleared and it was cool and beautiful.
We had a lovely Five course dinner at Birchfield Manor in their wine cellar.
Later, we stayed at The Orchard Inn, owned by a charming couple, Henner and Karen Krueger.  Each room has a special theme from Cherries to European themed.  We stayed in the NW room with salmon and Native American touches.  In the morning, Henner prepared a lovely breakfast for us with Brioche French Toast, with Apricots, sausage and a fresh fruit smoothie. Henner and Karen were so warm and friendly, we definitely will go back. Why stay at a hotel, when you can have such lovely personal touches and meet such great people!  Their property is a little piece of Heaven.

 These blossoms were so beautiful.  I could just visualize a watercolor painting!
There's such a variety of trees that guarantee an interesting Spring, since they bloom in rotation.

Yakima at Night

It was fun taking a walk after dark to check out the public art. We were pretty impressed to see how many fun pieces there were.
I loved this old revolving sign over a restaurant which I imagined to be from the 50's.  This is a hunting town, a small town, but one that's becoming a destination, famous for it's red wine, apples and cherries!

More art...
I love the Palm Trees.
  This could be right out of California in the 50's and 60's.  I remember when my parents were fascinated with everything Polynesian.  There was Tikki torches at their parties, drinks with umbrellas around the pool.  My parents never played Do Ho, but Dad loved the Brazilian Jazz of the time.  Anyone remember Trader Vic's?  Actually, I think Trader Joe's is making a comeback.