Monday, September 22, 2014

Re-purposing an Old Birdbath with Succulents

Last year I replaced my old cement birdbaths with colorful ceramic ones. The new ones seem to have held up better, in part because you can easily remove the bowl and store inside when it freezes. However, I was stuck with two old birdbaths that no longer held water, and was looking for a creative solution to enhance it.
 I put one in the front of the house where I get a lot of afternoon sun, so I knew that I needed plants hardy enough to withstand harsh summer sun.  It's been especially hot this summer in Portland, and we were out of town quite a bit, so regular watering would be a problem also.
I ordered succulent cuttings from two ETSY shops, and both arrived wrapped in newspaper.  As I planted my fledglings, I wondered how such tiny, spindly plants could thrive enough to fill in my bowl. There was no need to worry, however, since in no time they took over the space and doubled in size.  
.  Best of all, they seemed to thrive in the sun, and on my intermittent watering schedule!
This what they looked like in early July, and below is what they look like now.

  I figure I have another month or two before I'll have to bring them inside.  I don't have a daylight basement, so they will either winter on a covered porch, or master bathroom.  Anyone have any suggestions?