Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yummy Wine Bar and Bistro- A Great Discovery in Seaside

After a long weekend of gardening and spreading bark mulch, I was just getting ready to relax with a glass of wine and survey our hard work, when dear husband sheepishly asked if I would like to take a 40 minute drive up the coast to Home Depot to buy a sprinkler part.  Since it was already 7 PM, it was like "Hello, are you kidding me?"  However, he did sweeten the deal with the promise of a stop for dinner in Seaside.  For the unenlightened, Seaside, OR. is not known as a mecca of fine dining, so imagine my surprise, when we stopped at
Yummys and found a charming place with great food.
We each ordered an appetizer since at that hour, we didn't want heavy food.  DH had The Ahi Tuna, which was beautifully presented on a bed of fresh avocado, with a seaweed topping, and wassabi soy sauce.  I had the Crispy Pot stickers, which were light and flavorful, filled with chicken and vegetables and served with a lovely soy dipping sauce.
The restaurant is small, but beautifully decorated.  You can eat at a table or sit on the comfy couches and eat from TV trays.  Either way, it's a fun dining experience.
We both ordered a glass of wine from their extensive wine list, and enjoyed a bowl of their signature Seafood chowder.  The chowder is a creamy broth style, filled with fish, shrimp, and scallops, which was enhanced, by their 'secret ingredient'- cubes of yams, which added a delightful touch of sweetness to the soup.
The menu changes seasonally four times a year, so everything is fresh.  Here's another view of the inviting interior.  It's a very welcoming place. 
If you find yourself in Seaside at dinnertime, don't dispair, check out Yummy Wine Bar and Bistro.  You won't be disappointed.  http://yummywinebarbistro.com/

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