Monday, January 12, 2015

Vintage Style Jewelry - Channel Your Inner Lady Mary

After the Holidays there's always a bit of a letdown.  Things run at a hectic pace from Thanksgiving through New Year, with parties, activities, family gatherings etc. Although, once the calendar turns to the New Year, it's nice to turn a new page and catch up on everything that didn't get done the past two months!  However, things can get a little dull in the dead of winter, when it's sometimes hard to even get outside for a walk!
One bright spot in the US, is that the captivating PBS series, Downton Abbey is back!
I've been having fun channeling my inner lady Mary with thinking of, and designing some Vintage Style jewelry. 
Honestly, I don't know how anyone in the Upper Class Edwardian Era got anything done, since all they seemed to do was change clothes for meals and their various activities. Dresses of the day draped the figure, and were broken by pleats and sashes.  Empire waists, kimono sleeves, and beaded dresses reflected the influence of the Orient, on the fashions of the day.  Figures of nature, flowers and animals had a huge influence on the jewelry of this era.
Rubies, Sapphires, and diamonds were big for those who could afford them, until synthetics became popular in the 30's.
Diamond cuts and architectural styles found it's way into all styles in that era, including jewelry.

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