Thursday, August 16, 2012

Saturday Mornings

What do you remember about Saturday Mornings when you were a kid?  Chances are they involved milk and cereal.  When our daughter, Katie and some of her friends decided to organize a Fundraiser for Portland Outdoor School, they chose the theme of milk and Saturday Mornings.  
Of course, milk goes with cereal, so many of the art pieces up for purchase were cereal box related.
Last Supper with dogs?
They held their event on the first Friday of August to coincide with Portland East Side's Artwalk.
I loved some of the props which were made for the event, including theses giant Fruit Loops on a Milk Splatter.
Our Son Bryan, came over from La Grande to support his sister at her event.
They had a great crowd with about 400 people attending.  I was surprised, people were notified mainly by world of mouth, and Social Media!  There's a huge crowd at Art Events around the Portland area, and it seems like a great way to meet people, support the arts, and support good causes at the same time. 
I loved some of the Decos, like this Cereal Bowl on the wall.
More Cereal Box Art...
They had a cool place for the event at the UnionPine on SE Pine.
People stood around little tables with cereal, donuts, munching and talking
More props...

It was great to have a favorite Portland Food Cart, Koi Fusion  provide food during the event.  Their Kimchi Quesadillas were amazing!
I can't wait to see what cause Katie and her friends, support next year.