Sunday, April 22, 2012

Revisiting the Urban Cafe

 My Soul Sister, Barb, and I hadn't seen much of each other this year due to my traveling, her buying and selling a house, and deaths in both of our families, so we decided we needed a "Girl's Getaway"...funny, we used to call them "Mom's Getaway Weekends" but now our children are grown, and out of the house. 
 Astoria is always a favorite destination, and although we keep promising to try new places, we almost always end up at the Urban Cafe.  I love that the decor is always different and fun, and the food is consistently good.
 It's always interesting to see what they will do next.

 There were four of these tall vases with metal flowers, but I could only get one of them without disrupting dinners.  The last time we were here, this section was full of pink flamingos.
Five little pigs guard the kitchen...
We brought the four legged 'kids' to the beach, so we had to hurry home. The two dogs in the front, Molly and Lulu are mine, and the 'Bad Boy' Murphy, in the back is Barb's dog.  He's their brother from the same litter.  Murphy had to mark his territory to show the girls who was boss, otherwise he's as sweet as his sisters!

Check out Sweet 1 for Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes in Astoria

After a hectic day of shopping, we found ourselves at this quaint little shop in Astoria. We thought it was a bakery, but actually, they specialize in Wedding cakes.  However,they make a yummy cupcake too!
 It was a charming  place for a 'Girly Date' with your friend, mother, sister, or daughter, and I found myself wishing my daughter was nine again and we were having our tea parties.
So many quaint touches, and cozy places to hang out!
 There were lots of teacups and teapots for purchase.
 We were there late in the day and there were only 5 cupcakes left. As Barb and I were deciding which flavor to choose, between the Coconut Cream, and Vanilla Lemon Curd, three teenage girls walked in and ordered the other three.  It was perfect!
This is definitely a place worth checking out!

Whimsical Trash Cans in Astoria

 Can you tell that fishing is a big industry in Astoria, OR? 

 OK, not normally blog post material, but I couldn't resist showing these whimsical trash cans!
If you find yourself in Astoria, be sure to check out all the fresh seafood in shops and restaurants !

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poetry Boxes

I've seen these around town, but this Poetry Box was so unique and charming that I had to share!  People leave poetry in a box, and passers by are invited to take a copy.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Walla Walla, WA

In April we found ourselves hiding out in Walla Walla, WA.  There were plans for a surprise birthday party for our son in La Grande, and there aren't too many places to go stealth in a small town.  We had never been to Walla Walla, so it seemed like a fun place to check out and spend 24 hours before the party.  
Walla Walla is a small town with a very sophisticated feel.  It's a college town, and home to some 37 wineries, great restaurants, has a vibrant art community, and tons of outdoor activities.  We were amazed...I only thought they were famous for their onions!  I kept thinking that it would be a great place to be young, a great place to start over, or to retire.
This restaurant was closed, but it just had a cool vibe.  I loved the door! 
Downtown had this lovely hotel, The Marcus Whitman,  They have a great happy Hour. Loved the Coconut Shrimp!
One of our favorite wineries downtown was Charles Smith Wines in this industrial building. They have a fun tasting room and a cool place to hold events.  It looked like they offered a lot of food and wine pairings.
Their Calendar of Events for the summer is full of Blues, Wine and BBQ!  Sounds like we need to make another trip!
I loved the distinctive black and white labels.
Fun names are given to the wines, and  two of our favorites were the 'Boom Boom' Syrah, and 'The Velvet Devil' Merlot. However, they all were good and reflect the optimal growing conditions in Eastern Washington.
Later, we had dinner at the beautifully restored Green Spoon,  It's moderately priced and very good.
I vote for the Fish Tacos!  Walla Walla is definitely a place where I'd like to spend more time!