Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Journey-Getting back on Track

Yesterday I knew that I'd hit a new low in my Art Journey when I found myself having lunch at The Island Cafe on the Columbia River, with cool boats and wonderful things to paint everywhere...and No Sketchbook, pencils or paints! Even worse, I didn't even have my camera, or cell phone...Hello?
The photo above is from a previous visit when I didn't take many scenery shots. 
This is the last thing I painted from our trip to Florida.  I miss painting, but it takes discipline to keep at it, which is the only way I know I'll improve.
So, when I found this site for the Sketchbook Project I was so excited since it's a great way to be accountable and stay on track.  Check it out...anyone who can join:

Also, I found this wonderful book if you would like more information on how to keep a Watercolor Journal:  by Cathy Johnson.  I love how she give you prompts and style samples. Best of all, she gives suggestions for Sketch Crawl- which is a great idea for getting 'Artsy' friends together for a fun activity.  

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  1. The sketchbook project looks really interesting, best of luck with it.


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