Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Journey-Getting back on Track

Yesterday I knew that I'd hit a new low in my Art Journey when I found myself having lunch at The Island Cafe on the Columbia River, with cool boats and wonderful things to paint everywhere...and No Sketchbook, pencils or paints! Even worse, I didn't even have my camera, or cell phone...Hello?
The photo above is from a previous visit when I didn't take many scenery shots. 
This is the last thing I painted from our trip to Florida.  I miss painting, but it takes discipline to keep at it, which is the only way I know I'll improve.
So, when I found this site for the Sketchbook Project I was so excited since it's a great way to be accountable and stay on track.  Check it out...anyone who can join:

Also, I found this wonderful book if you would like more information on how to keep a Watercolor Journal:  by Cathy Johnson.  I love how she give you prompts and style samples. Best of all, she gives suggestions for Sketch Crawl- which is a great idea for getting 'Artsy' friends together for a fun activity.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fernhill Glass-Glass Blowing

While I was off at Ambiance, shopping in Astoria, dear husband was growing more bored by the moment.  He took off walking around the city, and found this cool Glass Studio (Fernhill Glass), which he brought me back to see.  It's definitely worth the visit.
 The owner Claude Kurtz, was making a vase.  I can't even begin to explain the process but it involved rolling, blowing into a tube, shaping and firing. Repeat!  Fortunately, there is a gallery that's open to the public, and you are able to watch the process.  Suffice to say, there's a lot of work goes into their beautiful pieces!
 firing and shaping...
 more firing...
Claude formerly worked in WA. and at a studio at McMenniman's Troutdale for 10 years before coming to the Oregon Coast....
 Their studio, opened in 2004, is one of several involved with making the the glass floats for the Finder's Keepers "Float Faeries" Event in Lincoln City.
 Their work is beautiful, and they make and sell everything from 'Japanese' Floats, vases, paperweights, plates to glass fish etc.  They have a great showroom with a large variety of items to purchase.  Plus, there's a very cool store parrot, who guards the checkout desk.  I was so involved in checking out all the cool glass that I forgot to take his picture, but he's a real personality!
There was also some beautiful polished glass to purchase by the scoop.  If you find yourself in Astoria, this is well worth the stop. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Before I die. What's important to you?

What would you do before you die?  I came across this on Twitter and it stopped me 'dead in my tracks' as they say.  What's important to you to do in your lifetime? 

It sounds like a cliche, but I hope to do something meaningful to make the world a better place. Maybe this will get me off the dime to teach art in the schools where programs have been cut, or teach women who have lost hope to find their purpose through watercolor journaling. 

What would you do?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Turquoise and Orange Earring Color Splash

I don't usually love the color orange, but this year I find myself strangely drawn to it, especially if it's paired with turquoise.  Maybe since it's been one of the rainiest springs on record here in the pacific NW, it just brightens everything up.  Orange is a happy color.  You can't be in the doldrums when wearing orange.
I love pairing orange, turquoise and copper. 
It's been fun using these bright colors in my jewelry making, since there's such a good choice of beads on the market.  Here's some sample of some items that were recently listed in my shop. 
Drop by and take a look while my orange craze continues.
When I purchase beads for my ETSY shops, I can't resist the orange beads.  Maybe they hearken back to my youth, and the bright Orange Crush soda cans.  Whatever the reason, I was surprised to learn that Orange, along with Turquoise, Purple and Yellow are hot colors for this year.