Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marie Anoinette meets the Mad Hatter in Astoria, Oregon

I had a call from my friend, Barb, to go see this wonderful new 'cupcake place' in Astoria, but was told in no uncertain terms "DO NOT Blog about it until I've had a chance to write about it!"...OK, this is from a blogger who hasn't put up a post in two years! (Uh Oh, I'll hear about this!)  Of course, I knew I had to check out this 'magical' place ASAP!
What was formerly a bank, then a Spa, is now Marie Antoinette's Cupcake Parlor.  It's housed in a truly magnificent building, and upon entering you really feel like you are coming into someplace special!
This is definitely a whimsical place to come with your girlfriends, mother, sisters, get
the idea. However, I brought my unwitting  husband, and he was more that pleased to find a WWII Museum housed in the cupcake clever!
 While Dear Husband was occupied, I was free to feast my eyes on the amazing decor!
I felt like I was transported to Versailles or New York, certainly this was too sophisticated for Oregon!  Then again, Astoria is full of surprises, and this once sleepy Coastal Town, has become a destination for it's renovated hotels, fun shops, great restaurants, and many attractions!
So much Eye Candy...the owner has an amazing eye for details!
I ambled my way back to the Cupcakes and they looked amazing!  I was on my way to a Brewery for lunch, but knew I had to come back afterwards to enjoy a treat!
This is the namesake, Marie Antoinette Cupcake, with a lemon cake and a melt in your mouth meringue. Perhaps, this lovely confection was what Marie had in mind when she implored her subjects to 'Eat Cake!'  Who could blame her for her Faux Pas?
The cupcake above was a date concoction.  Of course, Espresso's, and Tea are also available, and I  understand in the Fall there will be a room upstairs to host groups, with champagne as well.  I would imagine this place would be perfect for bridal teas, etc.
Such attention to detail.
Dolls, figurine's and art were everywhere!
This is the lovely bar where the coffee and Espressos are served
A likeness of a dress of the times
more loveliness
I loved these little vignettes that were everywhere
depicting scenes of the 18th century

A set of these lovely animal lamps flanked the bar
One could easily imagine sipping tea in the Pump Room at Bath, a character in a Jane Austin novel, with a French twist!
I loved the cozy conversations nooks!
A likeness of Marie herself!
Art and creativity everywhere
More vignettes...could it be a 19th century actress? 
Eye Candy continues...I couldn't resist taking photos of the bathroom, such a beautiful daybed!
and the sink and mirror
These lamps reminded me of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.
A view of the Grand Space
This cupcake was yummy, so delicate with a 'Kicked Up' Meringue frosting!
This magical place is definitely worth a visit! Plan to stay awhile, and bring your camera.