Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Local Interest-La Grande

We drove over to La Grande last month to watch DS play in a brass quintet performance at EOU. He graduated last June, but still DJ's on the campus radio shows and plays his tuba on occasion.  It seemed like a good time to take a road trip with the wet spring that we've had- plus, it was a good chance to visit with our son.
DS is real proud of his community, and enjoyed showing us some shops that he thought I might like.  One charming one was the Potters House Gallery.  Below, check out the little Garden Shed associated with the shop. 
The shop owners Bob and Judy Jensen, stand in front of their store filled with treasures.  Bob offers some Raku painting classes that would be fun to check out.  In the six years that we have been going to La Grande, it's been nice to see some fun little shops and restaurants crop up. 
We found lots of garden art for sale.  I brought home some colorful metal flowers to put in my garden, while waiting for the real ones to  bloom.
Inside, were lots of treasures, mostly consigned by local artisans.  This shop has some great touches for your home, as well as being a perfect place to find a special gift.
Below, I'd been hearing about Trent Bray's Bird shop for the past year, so it was nice to be able to check it out in person.  He has a great selection of quality feeders, lots of seed varieties, and sells some premium beer as well.  Remember, this is a college town
Trent hosts Bird Walking Tours if you want to know more about identifying local birds, and I thought it would be interesting to sign up for one sometime.
You can see what a great selection of feeders he has.  I bought a Hummingbird feeder that's mostly glass and is very easy to clean.  It's become a huge attraction in the yard and often has four birds trying to feed at the same time!
There's also a great selection of Bird Books.
Disc Golf is big in La Grande and the standings are posted in the shop.
Trent is definitely a 'hands on' owner. If you're in La Grande, this shop is worth a visit if you are interested in  birds.

The Mt. Emily's Ale House (not pictured), should be on your stop as well, since they have some of the best pizza in Oregon. Try the Thai Chicken with Peanuts and you won't be disappointed.

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