Friday, February 26, 2010

Watercolor Journey-Mixing color

Our watercolor group met earlier this month at Dinah's, and discussed color mixing.  Joanie shared some poppies that she had painted, and showed how she had added different colors to her backgrounds for a more dramatic effect.

Below, Carol shared a lovely landscape that she had painted near her beach house on the Oregon Coast.

Judy painted some lovely African Masks and shells.
Judy also shared her beautiful tulip and Henna paintings...
Carol shares her flower studies.  Her first love is colored pencil, and it shows in her technical style.
Below Carol and Judy show us their lovely flower studies.
Roberta shared her Pear Study.  Her use of a cool complementry background really sets off the warm tones in the fruit.
Roberta also shared a study in Neutral Values from our class this term.  We had to use only two colors- Burnt Umber and French Ultramarine.  It was pretty amazing the different shades you could get with only those two colors.
Carol shared info from a recent class, using birds to explain different techniques in mixing colors. It's so great to have such a wonderful group of new friends to keep us all on track with our painting.
I know several friends who can't take classes right now are enjoying the tips from the Blog, so I'll pass along the information if you want to paint on your own.  Use birds, circles...whatever shape you'd like using ten objects.  
1. Mix three rich colors -yellow, blue, red-however you want
2.  Using the same three colors from above, mix three pale shades.
3.  Mix rich colors using a dancing brush.
4.  Add water to dilute the three colors, and drop in color wherever you want in your space
5.  Using the three colors-yellow, red, blue, make a glaze-really water down the three colors
6.  Mix a dark and light of one color in the pace
7.  Same as above-this time use a darker color
8.  Mix using Analagous Colors-colors on either side of the color you use
9.  Mix three colors using Complementry Colors-colors that are opposite on the color wheel
10.  Free choice
Happy Painting!

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