Monday, February 15, 2010

Watercolor Journey-Making Borders

Last fall I took a watercolor class from Jude Siegel. She wrote Pacific Northwest Nature Sketchbook.  It's available at Powell's.  I'd been wanting to take one of her classes since Art and Soul two years ago.  Most of the students were new to watercolor painting, and it was amazing to see how their work improved  from week to week.  Not only that, but people were starting to develop their own style and it was exciting to see their talent emerge.  When the class ended, we all decided to meet monthly to share what we were learning in other classes and to keep a paintbrush in our hands.
Above, L-R Joanie, Carol, Judy, Roberta, Dinah, and JoAnn share books and what they have been working on since we last met.

Joanie is an amazing and prolific painter.  Here she shares a bird journaling page inspired by the video.
 Carol is an amazing artist also, with her first love being colored pencil.
Below, Dinah is sharing some techniques using carved stamps and watercolor paint, that can be used as a border with our journaling.
These stamps are easily carved using Mastercarve, and simple carving tools.  It's advertised that it ' carves like butter' and it really does!  Kits can be purchased at any art supply store, or Michael's.

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