Monday, August 19, 2013

Fourth of July in Manzanita

It's always fun to take a ride up the Oregon Coast on the 4th of July weekend, especially since we often have company.  While the guys are crabbing, the women love to break away for lunch and shopping in Gearhart and Astoria!  One of my favorite places to take visitors is Yankee Trader on Hwy. 101 in Gearhart. See more photos from this fun place  from a 2009 post:  Carrie Bergin only opens her shop from Memorial Day through December. The rest of the year she makes these spectacular seasonal themed 'cakes' and changes her shop around.  If you've ever seen her amazing shop, you'll realize this is no easy task!
Another vignette ... 
We stopped at Marie Antionette's Cupcake and Espresso Parlor for one of their famous cupcakes.
Of course, the Fourth wouldn't be complete without the Manzanita Parade.  We've had an entry for over 20 years.  When the kids were younger, we were the 'Original Boat' float, but for the past several years, we've entered the 43' Willy's, which was Rick's grandfather's, that he had restored.
Our friends, Mark and Barb were just back from Croatia, but couldn't stay away. They have been our 'partners in crime' for many years, since Barb and I met at a New Mom's class when our oldest were babies!
I felt sorry for this poor guy! This is the second year he's dress up in Oregon Duck regalia!  I think he enjoys it since the crowd goes wild when they see him.  He must really be a Die-hard Husky fan, since nobody in their right mind would bet against the Ducks these days!
Here, Dear Daughter is practicing her best parade wave!  She was supposed to be wearing a gray Old Navy T-Shirt and walking in front of the jeep like everyone else, but somehow morphed into a 1940's Diva!
Katie doing her best Eva Peron imitation!
Well, the guys came through with crab!  Since it's not an R Month, the shells were a bit softer, but none-the-less, delicious!  Our Forth of July menu never changes; it's always hot dogs and burgers, baked beans, potato salad, sliced melon, and berry pie!  AND, brownies! It makes it easy, and you don't feel too bad indulging when it's only once a year! 
Bryan on the BBQ. It's been awhile since both kids have been home to celebrate the forth, but since Uncle Kevin and family were here, they wouldn't miss.
Great to have the family here, especially fun with Jacob and Hayden, nine year old twins who kept things very fun and lively!
More cracked crab for breakfast!
There's no place like Manzanita Beach on the Fourth, but SSShsh!  Don't tell anyone!!

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