Friday, March 22, 2013

Harper -The Terrific Terrible Terrier

Last March we adopted Harper, the Terrific Terrible Terrier from the Oregon Humane Society.  We had lost our sweet Lhasa, Molly in November from kidney failure and vowed to be dogless for awhile.  Well, 'a while' lasted until March when the house seemed really lonely.  My Mom, heartbroken after losing Molly, ended up with Lulu, Molly's sister (we dog shared), and all of a sudden we went from two dogs to no dogs!

Each month about 60 dogs arrive in Portland from high kill shelters in California, and are snapped up, especially small dogs and puppy's.  Dogs are posted on the Humane Society website on Thursdays, and are available for adoption on Fridays.  Friday morning, I stood in line at the door and waited with about 20 others, who had chosen their 'wish' dogs.  By the time, it was my turn to adopt, many of the puppies and purebred dogs had already been taken, but a sweet little 5 month old bundle of fur of undetermined pedigree caught my eye. Her name was Harper, and she ended up coming home with us. We kept her name.
The first couple of weeks, Harper slept and played quietly, then her true personality emerged.  To date, the Terrible Terrier has 'eaten' three pairs of glasses, a pedometer, a watchband, wall molding, and many pens. But, who could resist that sweet face?  Her Terrific qualities include being whip smart, learning to do tricks, and getting her, would be, lazy family up off the couch and out for daily walks. Loving car rides, especially long ones, to the beach, and being an unequaled cuddle dog.  Who could ask for more?  

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