Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breakfast at The Columbia Cafe

A trip to Home Depot for supplies is always a good excuse to head to Astoria, especially on a cold, clear morning, rare in Winter on the Oregon Coast.  We hadn't been to the Columbia Cafe in a while, so decided to try it again for breakfast.
It's funky and fun, and the food is amazing!  Specials are on a white board, along with a pretty extensive printed menu.  I linked the Yelp reviews, so you could see the great reviews this place's really a destination
breakfast on the North Coast, and people are known to drive 3 hours from Seattle to partake!
While I was waiting for my fresh crab omelet, we were served these amazing pepper jellies, ranging from mild to super hot.
Plus, they make great Bloody Mary's, which you can also order in various degrees of hot also!
Everything is made fresh here, even the orange juice
The magic happens in the this little one person kitchen, but I couldn't help noticing the dog sitting in the back of the truck. He seemed happy to people watch, even though it was very cold outside.

There is a Daily Special, called The Chef's Mercy, and no two are alike.  It's basically whatever yummy thing the chef wants to put together.  In this case, Rick had a Petrale, egg and vegetable dish on an elegant sheet of lace potato.

One thing I saw many people ordering was a Beet Pesto originated by Chef Marco, that included beets, pecans, Parmesan Cheese, ginger and olive oil.  Sounds like it would be fun to try and make that.
My crab omelet was yummy, and full of crab and cheese. 
A great breakfast from a very unassuming place!

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