Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Stepping into an Anne of Green Gables Novel

I could have titled this post "Breakfast and Vignettes."  Maybe it's because I'm an artist that I really appreciate the details, and there were so many lovely details that spoke to my heart at the Wine Country Inn.  The tranquility of the setting, warmth and hospitality of the Inn Keepers, good food and comfort.
 When we awoke, there was a hustle and bustle in the kitchen, enticing coffee smells, and a table carefully set.  I set out through this cozy kitchen to catch a few shots in the morning light.
 When I returned, this lovely bowl of fresh fruit awaited.  Many of the Inn's that we have stayed in recently, served a token muffin and coffee, so it was a real treat to enjoy a homemade, delicious breakfast!
 Yummy ham and egg casserole, roasted potatoes and fresh market tomatoes.
 Followed by cheese made by the students at Washington State University.
Who knew?  It was very good, by the way.
All the furnishings looked old and comfy, but were actually new and comfy.
 I loved the vignettes, which seemed to have stories within a story; fun collected pieces that really gave the room character.
 Gerry had stories for many of the pieces, and it was interesting to learn about their origin.
 This room reminded me of the charming houses I stayed in when I travelled to England and Scotland after college.
 The little vases came from Seattle, brought by the Chinese labor that worked in the underground tunnels in that city. 
 the 'man cave' corner
Everything told a story and was beautifully arranged.  Gerry mentioned that she hoped to host Women's Getaway's, and I'd love to bring my Art Buddies here for a few days of painting!

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