Friday, February 11, 2011

Escape To Miami Beach- Lifeguard Stations

What better time to escape from Oregon than in February, when the holidays are over and there's nothing ahead but endless grey days. OK, grey at least until June, and many would argue July. We had to cash in air miles, so it seemed like a good idea to head for the farthest mainland US destination that we could find...Miami Beach and Key West.
 Wow, the beach...white sand, and turquoise water! 
 I was fascinated by these cute Little Lifeguard Stations.  They are so colorful.  Of course nobody swims at the beaches in the Pacific NW, so cute little Lifeguard Stations aren't party of my reality.
These were just a few of theses colorful little stations.  There are 16 on Miami Beach, and 29 total. 
Above, my favorite
  To me this is such an iconic East Coast beach scene...
For more photos and a history of the Lifeguard Stands of Miami Beach, check out:

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