Saturday, August 14, 2010

2nd Annual Muttzanita Festival in Manzanita

This could be subtitled: The Doggie Social Event of the Year! Dogs and owners from all over Oregon descended on our little town of Manzanita, on the Oregon Coast today for the 2nd annual Muttzanita Festival, sponsored by Four Paws on the Beach-the local Pet Store.  All proceeds from the event supported local charities
The day started at 10:30 AM with a Doggie Parade down Laneda Ave, which was closed to car traffic for the event. It was a flurry of activity with dog meet and greets, and event registration.
Many dogs sat patiently, waiting for the festivities to begin 
There's always a handsome Dude in every crowd
He almost seems to be saying "Mom made me do this!"
Only my hairdresser knows for sure...
A merry band of drummers led us to the beach
Let the parade begin!
DH and The Girls
Under all that fog, the beach is really there...not exactly the 90's we were promised, but nobody complained
Some people and canines go all out with costumes adding to the fun!  Here are The Bees!
Cute little Oregon Duck pooch!
Mike, Phyllis and Bo, I mean, Pete!
Getting ready for the Chuck It Toss in the fog!
There were a total of 6 rescue dogs in this family.  
Yeah, Pete, not bad for 11 years old!  The dogs had to chase the ball, pick it up, and return it to their owner in record time to win
A little stress relieving jousting between Molly and Lulu
The next event was Doggy Musical Chairs, where the dogs had to sit when the music stopped, and stay sitting until given the OK signal.  The day was full of fun activities, including a Silent Auction, Pet Fashion Show, Poker Walk, Treasure Hunt and Doggie Demonstrations.
Awards for the winners
a tired, wet, and happy Molly 
and Lulu, who agree that it was a doggone good day!


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