Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

It always seems like once fall is here, all the holidays come and go in quick succession!  Thanksgiving was fun, but a blur!  The kids were home with friends and significant others.  Our dear friends Mark, Barb and son, Tanner, joined us for the day.  Their daughter in in Africa on a Fulbright Scholarship, so it was time for them to have a new tradition for this year.  We had a turkey on the BBQ, and one in the far, so good, until, the oven decided to die!  It was a mad dash to put the pre-made stuffing, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes in the microwave to re-heat.

Our lovely KTB with her Godparents, Uncle  Mark and Aunty Barb.  I always love to serve buffet style from the counter.  I spent too many years feeling like a Traffic Cop, passing right and left throughout the whole meal!  This way, everyone serves themselves and we're done with it.

The best thing that we did this year was to share Thanksgiving stories between dinner and dessert.  We sat at the table and each person shared a memory of their favorite Thanksgiving.  It was interesting to hear the stories and to hear what mattered to each person... for me it's all about the stories and the memories!

My Mom has always been a stickler for a pretty table so naturally I fell into the tradition too.  When the kids arrived home on Wednesday, they found the tablecloth in the freezer where I'd put it so it would be easier to iron.  We made an "executive decision" to forego the tablecloth and just use placemats.  Dear son said he never remembers how a table is set, but remembers the food and conversation.. Ok, that did it!

I gave up trying to arrange everyone in the dining room.  The kitchen/family room is best--we can fit up to twelve for sure!

The water pitcher always reminds me to pour water when things get hectic!

Mom's china resides in my dining room cabinet since she doesn't host big dinners anymore.  She enjoys it when I use her lovely plates for a holiday meal.

Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without my Dad's turkey candleholders.  It's a rule in the family that whoever hosts dinner, gets the turkeys!  Hard to believe that my wonderful Dad has been gone ten years!  He loved Thanksgiving!  We think of him every time we bring these birds out!

Here's hoping you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner as well and are enjoying the blessings of the season!


  1. Glad you had a sweet holiday... That table is beautiful! Wishing you happy days making ready for the next holiday! ;o)

  2. Just beautiful! Nothing better than a house full of those you love and make you smile!


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