Monday, November 23, 2009

Going Vintage

Theses days I'm feeling a little like Santa's Helper working downstairs, making jewelry and thinking about what's IN and what's not. My daughter, KTB the fashionista, always reminds me to follow fashion trends but that isn't always easy to do especially when they change so quickly.   Last season, it seemed that chunky, colorful beads were in.  The Bold and Beautiful look was strong.  Now, however, it's all about Vintage Style.  Delicate necklaces are all the rage:

Especially seasonal the two are alike!

Snowflakes can be worn late into winter and will be especially popular with the Vancouver Winter Olympics coming up in Feburary 2010.

Flowers, leaves and birds, and bird's nests continue to be hugely popular.

Filigree is also huge, lots of it faux painted and sealed.

Rick says that I aways fill the space available with my business ventures (which usually means the whole house), but it's been hard to stay put in my office where's it's dark and cramped.  So... I moved my beading operation to the familyroom where I have better light, and the company of my little buddies keeping an eye on things.  Meet the ever adorable


and Molly!

And these beautiful views!  Even in late autumn, it's so pretty and peaceful.

Stay tuned for more hot jewelry looks in future posts!  As for me, I'm off to clear off the pool table before the college kids arrive home for Thanksgiving!  Maybe they will be enticed to stay home more!


  1. Such GORGEOUS jewelry---lovely details! LOVE your Lulu and Molly...oh I could kiss their sweet noses. :o) Happy Day! Oh, I'm having a fun gift giveaway to celebrate Thanksgiving this week--stop by if you can!

  2. Your jewelry is gorgeous!!! and that doggie is SO sweet! Look at that face.


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