Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love Halloween. It's not the same as when my now college-aged kids were little (OK, Bryan's graduated, but he's still living and working in La Grande, so it just seems like he's still in school).  Lots of fun memories of  sewing costumes and photographing the students in their finery at Sunset Elementary School when the kids were little. It's still fun to put out the decorations, fire up the cider, and make some homemade gingerbread. Yum! Here's some scenes from the house this Halloween:

This reminds me of the harvest offerings left at the altar of many churches in Scotland, when I was there in the fall many years ago. It was especially moving to look up at the ceiling and see the tattered flags from the Crusades.

I love putting up lights and placing small gourds and pumpkin in the planters for a festive look.

It's been fun making Halloween jewelry and sending it to Etsy customers, as far away as Australia this year!

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  1. Oh wow! The cat light is amazing, great Halloween decoration!



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