Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Radio Gig

KEOL...'Placating the Masses' in La Grande, Oregon.

When we were in La Grande for Bryan's graduation, Rick and Bryan had a chance to be on the air together on Sunday for the 9 AM to noon radio show. Not sure how many people actually heard it, with graduation being the day before and the numerous parties following, but it was quite the event for father and son to actually do a show together! Rick had more than five years in radio in his 20's, first at the UO campus station in Eugene [KWAX, classical music, news]; then professionally at two other Eugene stations [KPNW and KASH, reporter, on-air news and more]. For him, being on the air with his son was like a 30-year time trip back to the 1970's--and the music was the same!

For the past year, Bryan has been a radio DJ with the campus station KEOL. Maybe after listening to his parent's music all these years, he found an interest in the music of the 60's and 70's...whatever the origin, he started an all-vinyl show.

Rumor has it that the station actually had to upgrade their turntables, since most of the DJ's shows used CD's. On most Wednesday nights, it's been fun to tune in on the home computer and listen to Bryan's show. He's developed quite a following in the Valley, with his Classic Rock show, requests welcomed...at least among friends and relatives! Today's show was definitely a family affair, with Rick's brother Dave running for records, and his sister Linda keeping the music log, and me taking photos.

Later while listening to the tape, there were several comments on it like "Mom, you said that was the last photo!" or "Will someone please grab that camera from my Mother!" The following photo says it all, but hopefully someday Bryan will be glad that I took all the photos which recorded this fun and memorable day.

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  1. I've listened to the show a couple times since then, and it just gets better with each listen. That was a great weekend, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it!



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