Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jewelry Art

About 9 years ago, I found a cool bead shop on the Oregon Coast, called Nehalem Beads. The owner, Mary, recently retired and closed her shop, but it was a destination for many of us for many years. At the time, I was recovering from a big surgery and couldn't lift anything heavy for months. Beads seemed to fit the bill for a fun and portable creative outlet. My mom and I took a couple of beading classes at the local Adult Ed. program, and I'm sure the instructor never thought we would amount to much in the bead dept. since we were always making wise cracks, and cutting up during class. However, we did manage to learn some basic stitches. Well, about 4 years ago, my little 'hobby' turned in to an obsession, and the projects became less many beads, so little time. Now, they are all color coded and 'live' in the Bead Tower!

Aren't these colors yummy? Sometimes, it's so hard to choose!

Over the years, I've seen styles come and go from the earlier, more heavily beaded pieces, to the now popular, brass and copper chains with nature pendants. Although I still love beads, and will never give up using them, it's fun to work with the chains and wire wraps! Silver has become so expensive, many artists have had to turn to the less expensive metals, like brass and copper. It's all fun, and I've been lucky enough to have taken classes from many wonderful artists, who have been generous is sharing their techniques. Here are some of my recent pieces, using brass and gun metal.

Of course, silver is still a favorite, but it's been fun bringing in other materials, and combining them with symbols of nature, like birds, leaves and dragonflies in my pieces. I had necklaces draped all over the lamps in the livingroom. Dear husband, Rick, says that I expand to the space available, which means I've cluttered up my office, familyroom, and now am taking over the upstairs...what else can I do? It's the only place with good light on these gray days. I know it's June, but it's Portland! Everyone up here knows that summer doesn't start until after July 4th. However, I did clean up and have moved my pieces to the orb. I think they look pretty cool here!

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