Thursday, June 25, 2009

Low Tide

I left the beach house at 6 in the morning, leaving our dogs, Molly and Lulu behind. You can't take photographs with dogs dancing around waiting for a ball to be thrown in their direction. I heard that today and tomorrow would be the lowest tides of the year on the Oregon Coast, and I couldn't resist coming down to see views that we normally don't get a chance to see. Maybe it was the misty morning or rain from the night before, but I was surprised not to see lots of people with cameras around their necks, juggling for spots on the rocks. Instead, I saw the occasional jogger with their dog, and a handful of seagulls, but otherwise, I had the huge expanse of the beach to myself. It was very 'Zen' to use the catchword of the day.

You can almost hear this little starfish saying "It's lonely out here..."

But then, three's a crowd!

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