Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Tiny Trailers, Girl Caves, and a Step Back in Time

Last Saturday, my 'partner in crime,' Barb, asked me to accompany her to the annual Junk Salvation, out at the Hillsboro, OR Fairgrounds.  Vendors come from all over with Vintage goods, antiques, and re-purposed items.  We got there as there doors opened, and a long line had already formed into the parking area.  
I was hoping to see more Vintage Trailers at the show, since I love to see how people have renovated these timeless gems, but I only found one.  It seems like there's lots of interest in Vintage Trailers and Tiny Homes, with the whole downsizing, minimizing movement. However, I found this cool website which featured a Vintage Trailer classified section - where there is lots of eye candy for the renovated trailer lover
Meanwhile, this trailer captured the ambiance of the day - the flamingos, the Tiffany Blue, the melamine dishes.  Unfortunately, there were no palm trees in sight!
Above, I love how compact this camper is with the table turning into a bed for more sleeping, and the kitchen area so accessible. This set up brings back a lot of memories of camping with my family on trips to Lake Shasta and Lake Almanor, in California. I also love the idea of using these renovated trailers for a girl cave, office, or guest quarters.

My friend Barb with her 'Vision Board' trailer.

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