Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trending Sea Glass Jewelry for Summer 2014

It's always fun to try and spot new jewelry trends.  For so long brass birds, Cabachon Flowers and owls  were popular, however, now I'm noticing lots of new styles coming into the forefront like reclaimed sea glass and recycled coke bottled glass. True Sea Glass, I've read is becoming harder to find in the States.   With a growing environmental awareness, glass no longer routinely ends up in the ocean, so sea glass seekers are increasingly heading to Europe and Asia to find their treasures. I've been enamored with these natural and man made stones, and for all the possibilities they offer in jewelry design.
To meet the the demand, I'm seeing some beautiful man made tumbled glass, in a variety of colors and shapes that wouldn't be available otherwise.  Here's some of the things, that I've come up with, using this faux glass-
I think this medium is perfect to mix with silver and pearls
and sea life charms like this Sterling Silver Starfish
Also, there's some interesting ceramic beads from Greece that compliment the sea glass
like this cool pallet of blues and purples
So many possibilities, like this Spike Style necklace 
And these colorful squares, which remind me of the Juicy Fruit candy sold in movie theaters!
How about this simple aqua and pearl dangle for a sweet Beach Wedding Necklace?
patriotic Jello Squares?
I love the combination of sea glass with Sterling Silver or Rhinestone charms
All this talk of Sea Glass makes me want to head to my favorite beach to search for treasures!

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