Monday, January 13, 2014

Art Sunday

I gave my friend Barb, a gift of a 'Girls Night' out at Vine Gogh Artist Bar & Studio for Christmas, and it was a great way to welcome in the New Year and have a fun girlfriend date.  We arrived on Sunday morning to claim our spot and check out the art on the walls.  Every event has a painting in mind that you register ahead of time for. We choose the Broadway Stroll, which was one of their most popular offerings.  You prepay $30 for a class, and when you arrive your paint, an easel and an apron are ready for you.  

We arrived early to get settled, check out future paintings, and grab a Mimosa. 
The dreaded white canvas!

A glass of champagne and orange juice is a great way to calm the nerves and make the experience less intimidating!
Our instructor, a recent Art School graduate, was great and broke down the elements of the painting into sections so it was totally doable.
We divided our canvas into zones, so it was much less intimidating!
This a before and after, so you can see how easy it is...
A few extra touches make the painting come to life!
Barb and I with our 'masterpieces!'
I like to call this my Laundry room Art, or guest room or stairwell art...!  It's so much fun, and the best thing  is that you come home with a finished painting!  I think this would be a great business building activity too!

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