Sunday, April 22, 2012

Check out Sweet 1 for Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes in Astoria

After a hectic day of shopping, we found ourselves at this quaint little shop in Astoria. We thought it was a bakery, but actually, they specialize in Wedding cakes.  However,they make a yummy cupcake too!
 It was a charming  place for a 'Girly Date' with your friend, mother, sister, or daughter, and I found myself wishing my daughter was nine again and we were having our tea parties.
So many quaint touches, and cozy places to hang out!
 There were lots of teacups and teapots for purchase.
 We were there late in the day and there were only 5 cupcakes left. As Barb and I were deciding which flavor to choose, between the Coconut Cream, and Vanilla Lemon Curd, three teenage girls walked in and ordered the other three.  It was perfect!
This is definitely a place worth checking out!

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