Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little 'Northern Exposure' in Roslyn, Washington

I always liked the qurkie show called Northern Exposure, which was popular from 1990-1995.  It was about a Doctor who arrives in Alaska under contract to pay back a Student Loan.  He's a 'City Slicker' type who is out of his element in the rural Alaska location of the sitcom. Actually, the filming took place in Roslyn WA and in the Seattle area, and this painted mural is in the opening scene.
A camel in the desert in laughable in this climate and gets your attention.
A lot of the activity in the show takes place at The Brick, which is the tavern in the center of town. 
This plaque of sorts, explains how it's the oldest tavern in the State of WA.
There's lots of local color. 
One startling observance was the 'gutter' of running water at the base of the bar. In the early days this was a coal mining town and a men only bar. One doesn't even want to imagine what went on in there!

An old iron stove heats the place in the cold months.
The food was surprisingly good and fresh.
The buildings looked very much as they did 125 years ago.
Interesting murals depicting the history of the town.

Cute cottages around town.
Take away the cars, and substitute horses, and you'd be in a time machine on this main street at the foothills of a forest.
it seemed fitting that on the way back to the lodge, we crossed paths with these lovely creatures.

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