Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oprah's Last Show Girlfriend Get together -The End of An Era

The Moscow Mule and Kleenex, in case we do the 'Ugly Cry!'

The last Oprah show aired on May 25th, 2011. It was a much anticipated/dreaded event among my friends.  We are among Oprah's legions of Ultimate Fans, although we never set foot in her Chicago Studio, or made the cut for the Australia trip, or even dreamed of being in the audience when Oprah gave away all those Favorite Things.  No, we are the minions who faithfully tuned in each day. I guess you could say that we're the 'Silent Majority' of Oprah fans.  We've scheduled teacher conferences, Dr. Appointments, play dates, shopping trips, house cleaning etc, all around that all important 4 PM time slot.  No calls would be taken,
 no dinners made (except during the commercials), until the show was over.  Now we are facing a veritable desert of How to Live our Lives, how to determine what books to read, how to navigate the twists and turns of our life's journey without her inspiration and guidance. Oh the misery....

When in a quandary make a Moscow Mule.  They really are yummy!
OK, we didn't have the fancy tin cups.  I thought this was a drink that Oprah's staff made up to go along with the Yosemite trip, but not so much.  It's been around since the 50's? and there really are cute little tin cups that go with the drink.  My friend Barb's (my Gail) parents actually had them!!!  Who knew?

We figured after all the wistful conversation we needed something substantial to eat, so I made this Chopped  Italian Salad.  It was very good, but bear in mind that I'm one of those 'A little of this, and a little of that" cooks who loves to adapt recipes, so make sure the quantity of ingredients sounds right to you considering your families needs.
Italian Chopped Salad

1/3 c olive oil
1/2 c rice vinegar
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon each oregano, dill,
3 cloves garlic

1/3 c fresh basil chopped
1 head chopped romaine lettuce
1 red pepper finely diced
1 sm. red onion diced
3 oz. each Genoa salami cut into strips
3 oz. hard cheese diced
1 cup canned, drained, garbanzo beans
1/4 c Kalamata sliced olives
1/4 c chopped Italian Parsley
1/2 c. fresh Parmesan Cheese

OK, we had some Coconut Shrimp (from Costco), and some Pita Bread to go with the cheese and veggies.  The Coconut Shrimp was worth the calories!
In the end, Oprah spoke from her heart.  It was her Mission Statement, and it was perfect.  We'll miss you Oprah!  You're the BEST!  Thank you for a great 25 years!  Looking forward to OWN.

 I thought Mighty Girl did a great job 'Telling it like it is' what we have all learned from Oprah, so I'm linking you to her Blog: 

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