Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making a Terrarium

It's always hard for me to take down the holiday decorations and see all the empty spaces around the house.  Add to that, gloomy gray days, and I crave something pretty to look at.  I found the perfect remedy for the winter blahs in this cool, whimsical shop called Artemisia, where you can make your own terrariums.   Artemisia happens to be in Portland, OR, but my daughter found a similar shop in SF, and I think they are all over.
I was captivated by the cute hanging teardrop planters, but they had several sizes and shapes that would work for tabletops.  A friend also goes to Goodwill and recycles old candy glass containers for her terrariums.

If you need a place to de-stress, this shop is so calming.  You feel like you stepped back into another time and place.
They also had these cute moss covered root ball plants that just sit out on a plate or rock.

Also a beautiful dove cooed in the background while I shopped.
Filling your terrarium is the fun part!  You can add colorful sand, rocks, crystals, moss, shells, birds, and Air Plants! Air plants are great, since they come in several sizes and shapes, and only need to be watered once a week. To water, you remove your plants from the terrarium and soak the roots in water for an hour once a week, and then replace-that's it! You can also add miniature Succulents and care for them the same way.   Below, are the ingredients I used for my Terrarium- two Air Plants, a shell, and moss.
This is my finished Terrarium, isn't it cute?
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  1. Great post! A few weeks ago I was thinking about making a terrarium. A while back, I made some terrariums and it was amazing to watch the plants thrive, but stay small. I'm visiting from UEF.


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