Saturday, December 18, 2010

Portland Art Car

We were out doing some Christmas shopping, when I spied this wild car across the street.  People were just getting ready to pull out of their parking spot, but I ran over and asked them about the story of their car.  They were only too happy to given me the history and let me take some photos.
They painted white squares, spaces for friends to fill in with whatever they wanted.  I guess Art Cars are a big deal around Portland...sort of in the mode of keeping Portland
I've heard that other cities around the country have a similar motto, but I like to think that ours came when then Mayor, Bud Clark, pretended to 'flash' a statue to promote the arts.
The car had all sorts of crazy things!
Especially on top, with antlers, plastic animals, pseudo monsters, trophies...
who wouldn't want a large plastic goldfish on the side of your car?
or three tiny music boxes that actually play...
gnomes show up everywhere...
This isn't exactly Nunsense, but I'm not sure what she's doing...leading an army?
I wondered where that Easter Egg went...only kidding!

Dinner place setting complete with napkin.

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