Monday, November 01, 2010

Cannery Row in Astoria

Lately, we've been spending a lot of time in Astoria.  The city has been undergoing a resurgence of sorts, with lots of new shops and restaurants opening up.  Even though the economy has taken it's toll, there's still a lot to see.  The boardwalk is a great place to walk, or you can ride the free Trolly if you're so inclined.  I love to stroll along the boardwalk, checking out the shops, restaurants and  passing ships.
We tried this restaurant called The Cannery Cafe, and I had the best Tuna Sandwich on whole wheat ever!  Don't get it toasted.  Their Fish n' Chips look amazing, so I'll definitely come back. 
I'm always on the look out for cool things to watercolor paint, so these lovely flowers will someday be a subject.
I love the monochromatic look of this boat, trolling across the bay.

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