Friday, September 24, 2010

Waning Days of the Farmers Market

It dawned me that I haven't been to the Farmer's Market nearly enough this summer.  For me, it's such a fun way to start the weekend, to grab some coffee, enjoy some music and get a week's worth of healthy food.  Everything tastes so much better.  It's funny that for years I'd plan my meal around whatever meat entree I was planning, now I plan everything else around the vegetables I'm having that night.  That's a real paradigm shift.   
The peaches have been especially good this year.  Too bad they have such a short season!
My son insists that eating local honey has improved his allergies. 
I found two of the most beautiful tangerine colored climbing roses for a trellis we have at the beach. It seems to me that so many roses don't have a fragrance, except for the climbers.  Hopefully, they will survive the winds this winter.  Here's a list of Top Ten most fragrant climbing roses:


  1. I love Farmer's Market tributes--the visual delight is always apparent!

  2. Yum. Everything looks delicious. I hope your roses survive.

    And another book recommendation - The 13th Tale. Fantastic.



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