Monday, May 03, 2010

High Museum of Art-Atlanta

I was going through some images of our recent trip to Atlanta, and had to post some shots of a very fun display of cars from around the world that was being exhibited at the High Museum. 
Just last week, I found an article in the the April/May issue of the International Artist Magazine, on Judith Burton's drawings of cars and motorcycles using Prismacolor colored pencils.  It's not a subject that would normally interest me, but her drawings were so eye-catching showing the light on metal and chrome, that I decided that I want to try and paint some of the vehicles from the exibit.

The museum building was so interesting., it was fun to try to capture the different angles of the interior.
We stayed in Buckhead, about five miles from downtown, and easily accessible with Atlanta's great train system, MARTA.  Buckhead is  a product of the 2000 decade building boom with lots of tall skyscrapers like the one pictured below.  It reminded me of Vancouver, B.C. with all the glass buildings.

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  1. Just visited the High myself a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Was thrilled to see the Allure of the Automobile exhibit along, the Folk Art pieces by the Reverend Howard Finster as well as their permanent collection. What a treat.


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