Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coastal Beauty

From season to season, it's always fascinating to see the changes on 'our' Manzanita beach. Not too many years ago this rock was about 15' high, now it's only visible at minus tide. It's easy to see that this particular spot caused some notable shipwrecks. 
Photo:  OK, so I tried to be 'Arty.' It's supposed to be this way!  I love low tides, when you can see the beach from a whole new angle.  Not too long ago, you would be able to see pools teeming with sea life-starfish, sea anemones, etc.  This time, I collected pieces of twine, an old sock, pieces from a wet suit, and plastic bottles to dispose of.   I'm glad in the Pacific NW that there's groups like SOLV [Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism], that encourage beach clean-up's so that generations can enjoy the beauty here. Not to mention that many people pick up beach trash on their beach walk.  Maybe someday the sea life will return.
I didn't find any starfish to photograph, but I was rewarded with a cool Japanese float, complete with barnacles.


  1. Awesome post. My mother lives near the beach and I miss walking along it. There's something really amazing about ocean beaches & I wish I could be nearer to one.

  2. Wish I could live so close to the ocean! Those pics are amazing! :)

  3. I love that beach! My mom sold her beach shack a few years ago, off of sunset lake, just north of seaside. We miss it. The rain stinks but I wouldnt want to live anywhere else, we're in Vancouver Wa. Your photos are wonderful...Love love the arty one, remindes me of Playing in the tide pools as a kid.
    Thanks for your kind comment today... Made me smile alot. I never thought I'd enjoy writing so much. Happy to meet new blogging friends from the PNW.


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